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June 4, 2012 – Los Angeles, CA– Winforever, led by current Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, Winforever CEO Peter Ruppe and co-founder Yogi Roth, present a full summer slate of events and digital products to further both coaching and mental skills for sport and life performance. Winforever shares lessons on how to compete for life. The Winforever motto “Always Compete” aims to inspire and educate individuals on how to perform at their authentic best. Winforever provides tools for students, athletes, coaches, teachers, parents and professionals.

Winforever will kick off the summer by hosting two free interactive workshops focused on developing both personal and professional philosophy and how to bring it into deliberate practice and performance. The Winforever Workshops presented by Nike are targeted toward interscholastic and youth coaches but the insights apply to leaders in every environment. The first Winforever Workshop presented by Nike is on Thursday, June 7, 2012 in Seattle, Washington at the Virginia Mason Athletic Center (Seahawks Training Facility.) The second Winforever Workshop presented by Nike is on Sunday, June 24, 2012 at the Montalban Theater in Hollywood, California. It will precede a special screening of the Academy Award winning film “Undefeated.” Coach Bill Courtney, featured in the film, will be appearing and speaking at both the Los Angeles Winforever Workshop presented by Nike and the screening following the Workshop. Go to www.winforever.comfor details on attending the events or live streaming of both Winforever Workshops presented by Nike.

The inaugural Always Compete Speaker Series will be an “Evening of Inspiration with Louis Zamperini and Pete Carroll” in the intimate setting of the Clive Davis Theater in The GRAMMY Museum at LA LIVE. Zamperini and Carroll will share their personal stories as resilient competitors and offer insights to impact attendees’ lives and those around them.

Louis Zamperini is living an amazing life and is one of America’s greatest heroes. He was a competitor in the 1936 Berlin Olympic Games, then survived being lost at sea and as a prisoner of war in Japan during World War II. Louis will share his life of survival, resilience and mentorship as documented by Laura Hillenbrand’s New York Times bestselling book Unbroken.

Pete Carroll is a competitor and a master at performance coaching. With 38 years of coaching experience both in the NFL and collegiate level, Pete knows the key elements that enable athletes to perform at their best and have fun doing it. Pete will share insight into his competitive spirit and commitment to “Always Compete.”

Tickets for the Always Compete Speaker Series “Evening of Inspiration with Louis Zamperini and Pete Carroll” are $40 and can be purchased by visiting www.winforever.com.

The Always Compete Speaker Series will also have a presence during the “Nike Basketball 3on3 Tournament” taking place at LA LIVE August 3-5, 2012 with more details to be announced soon.

Extending these inspirational moments into a rich learning experience, Winforever will release its Always Compete Digital Learning Program in July 2012. This program is a game changing approach to personal development. It will guide the user to gain mental skills to perform at their best through educational and assessment applications. It uses game techniques and storytelling on how to compete for life.

“The goal of each event and our digital experience is to develop your ability to perform at your best, and to develop your ability to draw this out of those you influence,” said Pete Carroll, the inspiration behind the Winforever brand. “We are the new generation of coaches for the next generation of athletes.”

“We are a community of individuals inspired to achieve our full potential, and to guide others to achieve their full potential,” said Peter Ruppe, Winforever CEO. “We condition our minds to perform at our best and we use innovative applications to learn and master a high performance way of being.”

Additional information on these events and experiences may be obtained by contacting Winforever at (213) 763-2173 or by visiting their website at www.winforever.com.

About Winforever:

Winforever Inc. is a rapidly emerging provider of digital products and services to empower and enhance athletic and business coaching technique and mental skills for sport and life.  The Winforever venture was co-founded by Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and ESPN college football analyst Yogi Roth, in partnership with Nike and AEG.  A veteran team of sports business executives including CEO Peter Ruppe leads the venture.  Winforever employs innovative digital and eLearning tools to engage with audience and users to share lessons on how to compete for life.  The Winforever motto, “Always Compete” and service mark “How to Compete for Life” aims to inspire athletes, students, coaches, teachers, parents and professionals to learn how to perform at their authentic best.  Learn more at www.winforever.com.

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