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September 14, 2011 – Los Angeles, CA  --  Adrian Grenier (Reckless Productions) and John Loar (J Loar Productions) along with Clark Stiles & the Good Listeners are thrilled to announce their partnership with online aggregator, New Video, for distribution of their award winning documentary, "Don't Quit Your Daydream." Co-producer, Evan Ferrante, helped secure and broker the deal with New Video along with executive producer Sandlot Venture Group.
“I've been a fan of The Good listeners for years and their film is such a pure gem of story-telling. A story of friendship through music,” said Grenier. I am proud to have been able to watch this film unfold on all sides of the process but I was most honored to be able to record a song with them for the film and be one of the collaborators and producers of this project. I learned from the film not to take for granted the music that we share and those with whom we share it, so I will eternally be grateful to have been a part of this project.”
Winner of the Special Jury Prize at the Nashville Film Festival and garnering critical praise along the way, "Don't Quit Your Daydream" documents the inspiring story of The Good Listeners, made up of lifelong friends Clark Stiles and Nathan Khyber, who refuse to give up on their dreams of making music. With film crew in tow, the group travel the open road, collaborating with unique, eclectic musicians of all walks of life (students, swamp tour guides, mechanics to athletes), spread out amongst cities across the country, in order to collectively write and record their third album. On the way, they are forced to reconsider what it means to live a life dedicated to the art of music.  
The digital release of the film is set for September 2011.
“Partnering with New Video to distribute ‘Don’t Quit Your DayDream’ is a perfect fit for what Adrian and I wanted to see happen…getting this fascinating and inspiring life-story out to the broadest audience possible,” said John Loar. “We know that anyone who sees this movie will be able to relate with their own dreams and ambitions.”
“’Don’t Quit Your Daydream’ is an original and inspiring road movie that will thrive as a digital release,” said Mark Kashden, Vice President of Acquisitions, New Video. “Clark Stiles and Merritt Lear are not just chronicling one band’s journey, but celebrating the eclectic music scene in the U.S. and the dedicated artists who keep it alive.”
"Nathan and I, and our guerilla crew, charted a course across the country, locating local collaborators through referrals from friends, MySpace but mostly through pure blind luck. It was awesome; we got super lucky because we ran into such a wide cast of characters -- from really uncomfortable and weird situations to really mind-blowing experiences. We wanted a wide range – and we got it,” said Clark Stiles, the Good Listeners.
About The Good ListenersThe Good Listeners have found fascinating approaches to making their atmospheric and cinematic music.  Having experiences the time and money that can be wasted in recording in traditional ways, they created their 2005 debut album Ojai by writing, recording and completing a song a day for ten days. For their second album, 2007’s Crane Point Lodge, the duo took a similar approach and took their studio on the road, recording in otherwise empty 14-room country lodge in New York State’s Adirondack Mountains.
With Don’t Quit Your Daydream, The Good Listeners have thrown all caution to the wind and took this highly creative act on a cross-country trip. “Since we discovered our approach, we’ve been talking to other artists about it because it feels so liberating,” Stiles explains. “So we said, let’s just go take this process and share it with all sorts of other musicians across the country because it’s kind of a gift that can keep giving. We figured it would be a great road trip and a great adventure. And because we wouldn’t be locked in one place for ten days, we’d be seeing new things every day. Then we thought let’s film it all and maybe it will make an interesting documentary too.”
About New VideoCelebrating its 20th anniversary in 2011, New Video is a leading entertainment distributor and the largest aggregator of independent digital content worldwide. Headquartered in New York City, with an international presence in 45 territories, the company delivers feature films, TV programs and web originals via digital download, streaming media, video-on-demand, Blu-ray and DVD, and theatrical release. New Video streamlines the distribution and marketing process for filmmakers, producers and brand partners to bring a wide variety of fresh content to new audiences. The company’s library includes original TV series and movies from A+E® Home Entertainment, HISTORY™, and Lifetime®, unforgettable games and trophy sets from Major League Baseball®, storybook treasures from Scholastic®, award-winning documentaries from Docurama Films®, Arthouse Films, and Plexifilm, next-gen indies and web hits from Flatiron Film Company®, the best in Chinese cinema from China Lion, and festival picks from Tribeca Film. New Video is proud to distribute the 2011 Oscar®-nominated films Gasland, Waste Land and, on digital, Restrepo.
About The Sandlot Venture GroupSandlot Venture Group is a Silicon Valley based Venture Fund focused on the entertainment industry.  SVG’s focus is straightforward: leverage relationships with entertainment industry leaders to build a portfolio of low-to-mid range budget independent films.  There is a sea change in the entertainment industry in monetizing digital content in both music and film.  Sandlot is focused on becoming a leader in content development, production and distribution in both music and film.  The Fund is structured to provide a diversified slate of projects focused on long term profitability for our investors.
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