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Los Angeles, CA  -- August 1, 2011 – As part of their recently announced financing and production deal, Principle Photography began Monday July 25th, 2011 on the feature film “House of Dust” it was announced today by Todd Slater, Slater Brothers Entertainment and A.D. Calvo, Goodnight Films. The film is produced by Slater Brothers Entertainment and Goodnight Films in conjunction with Budderfly Entertainment. Also announced today is the principle cast for “House of Dust.”
“House of Dust” will be filmed on location in Connecticut at The University of Connecticut and other locations within Connecticut. “House of Dust” is a thriller genre film which has attracted an incredible cast of some of today’s brightest young stars, including: Steven Grahyam (“The First Ride of Wyatt Earp”) Stephen Spinella (“Angels In America”) Holland Roden (star of MTV’s hit show “Teen Wolf”) Inbar Levi (MTV’s highly anticipated new series “Underemployed”) Nicole Travolta (“The Middle”) Joy Lauren (“Desperate Housewives”) Eddie Hassell (“The Kids Are All Right”) John Lee Ames (“Days Of Darkness”) and Alesandra Assante (“Looking For An Echo”.)
“House of Dust” will be produced and directed by A.D. Calvo (“The Other Side of the Tracks,” “The Melancholy Fantastic.) Argentine-born, Calvo worked with Slater and Budderfly Entertainment on “The Other Side of the Tracks.” The film received numerous awards and went on to receive international distribution with FOX Studios and is currently playing on Showtime Networks.  Michael Goodin and Monolith Pictures will co-produce.
Slater Brothers Entertainment and Goodnight Films have partnered with Budderfly Entertainment to finance and produce a slate of thriller genre films. Todd Slater stated “We are really excited to be starting production on ‘House of Dust’ with such a great young & sexy cast. Having A.D. direct this film will be sure to thrill audiences and is the first of many in this genre we plan to produce.”
A.D. Calvo added “House of Dust is exactly the kind of psychological thriller I would’ve fallen in love with as a teenager. I’m lucky to have found partners who can help ensure we don’t just make a film, but we make a great film. ‘Dust’ is all about the characters, the actors. We have a tremendously talented cast for this.”
Calvo and Slater plan to move into their next film in early 2012 as part of their intended slate.  
Grant, Todd and Wade Slater share over fifty years in the sport, art, and entertainment industries. The brothers formed Slater Brothers Entertainment (SBE) so that they could combine their strengths and establish a multidimensional entertainment and media company capable of producing and financing major sporting, art and film events. The company places a special emphasis on working with governmental, non-profit and charitable organizations.
The Brothers annual Film Festival in Hamilton, New York has established itself as one of the premier Summer Events in the Northeast United States and has attracted film enthusiast from Los Angeles, California to Moscow, Russia. To date, SBE has successfully helped a number of directors and producers lock in worldwide distribution for their films. By working directly with the film makers, SBE has been able to open many doors in Hollywood and has made it possible for several independent films to receive theatrical, DVD and international release.
Todd Slaterstarted his entertainment career over fifteen years ago, working for Paramount Pictures and quickly became the head of distribution, marketing and studio relations at Philip Anschutz Film shingle two years later. Slater has been highlighted in The Hollywood Reporter's annual "The Next Generation" Issue - dedicated to the top executives under 35 years of age in Hollywood, and has secured worldwide distribution for many films including Ray, Danny Deckchair, Swimming Upstream, Everybody Wants To Be Italian, Sahara, The Hustle, The Haunting Of Amelia, Chicago Overcoat and Together Again For The First Time.
Before landing at Paramount, Slater made his mark in the world of finance and politics having worked for Paine Webber in the Private Wealth Division as well as the Investment Banking division of Meridian Capital. Before moving to the west coast and taking part in the financial industry, Slater lived and worked in Washington DC and worked for United States Congressman Peter Blute as well as United States Congressman Sherwood Boehlert. During his time spent between consulting on Media deals and producing films, Slater also launched his own shingle, Slater Brother's Entertainment with his two brothers. The Brothers launched their branded entertainment company, Slater Brothers Entertainment (SBE), as a follow-up to several sports and entertainment events they co-produced in the United States and Europe.
Connecticut production company, Goodnight Films,was founded in 2005 by writer/director/producer A.D. Calvo. The company has produced numerous award-winning shorts, short-subject documentariesand narrative features. Its documentary series on celebrity shock sculptor Daniel Edwards receivedworldwide media attention and over one million viewings on YouTube. 
Goodnight Film’s first feature, The Other Side of the Tracks, a romantic thriller starring Chad Lindberg (I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE), Brendan Fehr (BONES), and Tania Raymonde (LOST) aired on Showtime Networks and was released domestically under the name, The Haunting of Amelia. The filmwas released internationally by Fox Studio Television. A major announcement isimminent regarding the release and distribution of the company’s sophomore feature, a darkromantic fantasy called The Melancholy Fantastic.
Budderfly Entertainmentis a Connecticut based equity investment company that has co-produced two other films with Calvo and Slater including THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS, as well as THE MELANCHOLY FANTASTIC. HOUSE OF DUST is the third collaboration between the companies with a fourth project to start production in early 2012. 
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